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If you’re looking for an article that’s focused on giving you the most effective mind control techniques and examples out there, this is the right article for you. As a child I was very interested in learning about mind control. I’ve seen it on TV, I seen in relationships and I’ve seen it done to people during their everyday jobs. Mind control is always happening around you. After a long time learning and studying mind control techniques in my day-to-day life. I’ve started to pick up a lot of examples and ways of actually controlling someone’s mind completely. In this article, I want to give you tips and some examples of mind control.

The first way to actually control someone’s mind completely is by advertising something to them. This, in reality, is probably the most popular way of actually controlling someone’s mind and will. This gets them to do something and can be used for evil or good. Depending upon what you’re looking for. Personally, try to stay away from the bad uses but that’s not the point of this article, so let’s get back on topic.

Mind control using advertisement is actually a part of a social norm in today’s society. You know your favorite commercial with that good looking woman flicking her hair and half naked telling you about that random product you can’t get out of your head?  That, my friend is a form of mind control. This captures your attention by using the sexy woman as leverage to get your attention on the product. This ultimately anchors your interest in the woman with the product being sold thus leading you to buy the product.

Edward Bernays, the investor of consumerist culture, was a very big fan of advertisements because what it actually did was target people’s complete self-image (or lack of) and target it’s weak points. That’s what they call good advertisement. What this does is create a hole in the consumer like they were missing something and gives them the quick solution to full that hole. The funny thing is that many people today do not even understand that their minds are completely controlled by everyday advertisements. A lot of them are very unconscious to the fact that their choices and lifestyle are complete byproducts of mind control. Scary isn’t it?

Group influences such as sports, politics, and religion are also forms of mind control. One of the most popular ones are cults. The only real difference of a cult in most people’s eyes is the negative association that they bring out in memory anchors. In reality, most people are trapped in cults like it or not. The main basis of this form of mind control is to short-circuit the survival part of their brain and teach them to actually form a team or group for survival. This leads into a dependency upon the group or team and then making the person become bond stronger with the group in question and become more needy towards its existent.

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